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We have received many reports from Huntsville, much more than any other location that is not on the vortex map. We are lucky to live so close to a ley line and such magical sites. How to find ley lines near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . Twice now, As I approach the zoo on foot, I feel dizzy and disquieted; something is going on, I feel off balance. Thank you for this most interesting article! Thank you for sharing these pictures and report from your investigation. I wanted to ask what was your choice of drug that day . Click on Import KML file from computer (Choose the kmz; it will download). What is this location? . That area should be totally clear of Deadly Orgone. MOST Haunted Places in Florida: Ybor City, Lake Okeechobee and More! Gerard from Alice Springs. Using GPS, these apps can determine your location as well as inform you about ley lines that are lying next to you. Black Lines Black lines seem to be naturally generated, although quite how is not known. Most cultures have traditions and words to describe alignments that run across landscapes. I've probably stood in a few of them without really knowing it since I've been to various sacred spaces. Now Im looking all over the place for detailed maps of ley lines. Judy E.M.P.I.C Investigations. Ley Lines - album - was created in 2007. I saw a woman wearing a necklace of shells and tree fronds on her clothing. Feel free to participate at the. Thank you. You and your land are not alone. We don't know how or why they chose the sites to build significant monuments and buildings. Thanks Amy! My home sits on a ley line You can also smoke-cleanse beforehand. I do not know why I never thought to see if there were a map f them available. Its in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming. Two popular ways to locate and identify ley lines include using Google Earth or the ancient divination art of dowsing rods. The photo below is at the base of Cnoc na Piste, the Hill of the Serpent where I believe it maybe. The long summer of ley hunting endured until 1939. Ley lines also include waterways, naturally forming ridges, and various routes the ancients used as trade routes and migration pathways to form an Earth grid. Greetings and thank you for writing and suggesting the Indian Lake Triangle be added to the vortex map. A good analogy is that ley lines exist in the same way that astrological constellations exist. Thank you for contacting us. As I was walking around it, my EMF detector started going off, which is the 2nd photo. 2011 Christopher Macklin Ministries Inc. Hi Elisabeth, the closest reports we have to that area is Thompson Park, NY. The three paintings are from a series called Ley Lines Recent readings about energy centers and the investigation of topographic plate maps from the late 1800's showed vortexes located near my birthplace. stay grounded fellow human or are we??? How do they affect us? Contact a location near you for products or services. This is a sacred journey and you should prepare as such. The St Michael's line is an invisible line drawn across the south of England connecting many historical churches, prehistoric monuments and sites of interest which have an affinity with Saint Michael. Yuba is near Mount Shasta, a major vortex point. - Aley. Other theories posit that ley lines run along fault lines, claiming that the lines begin in the Peruvian Mountains and stretch through San Francisco and Alaska. Early Britons would pick a place to start and then follow the paths based on line of sight to the next highest point, monument, or other unique geographical feature. Excited? Bethe Hagens on VortexMaps provides the Google friendly downloadable UVG grid plug-in. Usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. The intersection of the two ley-lines is near Beale Air Force Base, Marysville CA. ABC News highlighted Pope Francis' use of the term "Palpable Grief" in reference to 911. I was taken to a mound by a friend a few years ago near my city. Mysteries AoM History Global Village Science Inner Space Paranormal Gunpowder Mature Misc. In addition to speaking with spirits at local ley lines, the energy of ley lines can be harnessed to aid in manifestation. A map of Englands Ley Lines and a key of sacred sites that they pass through: Ancient Aliens Ancient History Earth Grid Pseudo Science Sacred Site Standing Stone Sacred Places Sacred Geometry Metaphysics More information . THE ELITE ARE shutting down these earth accesses, the Bahamas is proof. I'll admit my searches on Reddit for ley line info haven't been exhaustive: too much video game information, and stuff about exotic places. I guarantee youll find the pendulum swinging vigorously, as mine did. 1 Using a Map to Find Ley-lines 2 Examine a map Examine a map of your local area. External link: Crystal Starrweaver - Sedona Spirit Journeys and Vortex Tours, Id like to first start of by saying, thank you for creating such a wonderful esoteric -but needed website!! Ley Lines is a research and exhibition project exploring connections and tracing thread lines between Scotland and Australia. I hope this helps! Count on accurate, real-time location information. Thank you, Chelsea. A ley line is a completely straight line across the landscape that runs from one landmark of historic importance to another, and crosses through one or more similar landmarks along its route. But regardless of that, Id like to mention a few spots Ive noticed missing from your list in California. Part the third of that presentation on ley lines and sacred sites. You are welcome to visit the world's famous scenic spots. This definition makes sense but doesn't provide the whole picture of what ley lines truly are. 2002-2023 LoveToKnow Media. The blue line represents a 24,860 mile long and 62 mile across earth energy grid corridor. Then I asked if there were native spirits there, they confirmed. It is truly amazing. I suppose it's not required that witches believe in ley lines. Best, Elisabeth. The Black Forest Vortex has been added to the Global Vortex Map. External link: Rare wave clouds amaze sky-watchers in Wyoming, Hello, I am not sure but think there is a vortex on my land in Conifer, CO. The lines are curved to follow the curve of the Earth's surface (to be more accurate). When was Ley Lines - album - created? 1 - Pair of copper, brass, or wood dowsing rods, 1 pk - Colored flag marker (optional to use different color to mark weaker energy lines). I have flown over (in a light plane), driven by, and hiked or camped on or near many of these sacred places. GrahamHancock.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon. Many energy workers believe that you can tap into the energy of the lines in order to conduct various healings and transformations. 1. We receive many reports from the areas west of Denver. Click back arrow to return to the opening screen. One common belief in regard to energy vortexes is that they exist at the intersections of ley lines or the random lines of natural energy that make up the Earth's electromagnetic field. Read American Ley Lines then get out there on the energy leys! Some people practice ley line tapping for a defensive or offensive purpose. Important! Id also like to mention that the trail of tears runs through here. This appeared when I increased the 'sharpness' of the photo during post processing. level that kick like a mule. Your land looks like it covers a large area. My guide dissuaded me from chancing the ascent as he had found a hiker dead just a month or two ago. You dont have to worry about missing an illegible ramp exit any more. Ley Lines can vary in width and believed to be the life blood of Mother Earth. molly try google earth ley lines and superpose it over When they properly direct this powerful energy to areas in the body that need healing, this energy can heal disease. Answer (1 of 2): Of course! In case you're wondering, it is possible to use these lines to your personal advantage once you have a few tips. It is your responsibility to get permission, if needed, before visiting any location listed on this site. Fine navigation and lane guidance will escort you all the way. 2. Drugs eye NOT INVOLVED LOL. You can also, You can use a pendulum to dowse and find certain areas at the site that have a high energetic charge. We take a look For those who don't know, the term 'ley line' was coined by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in the 1920s, and refers to alignments between structures and landmarks via straight lines. I believe we lived very close to a ley line at that time. I hope the land and I win this battle for I am trying with everything I have in me but really do not know how much longer I can hold on. i live in cairns wanna get in touch and share knowledge, Ive allways beleaved evertime i was reborn this time failure isnt evan action. They can't be seen on a map like longitude and latitude, but these lines are the foundational organization of the earth's energetic grid. Thanks, friend! Theres a big map of North America. You can use crystals to assist in healing a specific chakra. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. The Spanish were slaughtered but today there are historical markers commemorating them. Info Alfred Watkins' Ley Line Map One could just simply argue that with primary school maths - joining two points together with a line - you can create any number of patterns and 'relations'. Can you describe the vibration you are feeling a little more? Leys between Gold Hill, Oregon; Yucatan Peninsula, & Cairo, Genuine Vortexes Open as Tourist Attractions, DC & US Capitol Cities on Volcano Latitudes, EarthStar North America, the Wheel with 19 Spokes diagram, EarthStar North America map detail: Crater Lake, Sisters, Columbia River, Rainier, Rica, Individualization of the Three Americas, Chaco Canyon Meridian to Casas Grandes, Mexico, Iceland - Hawaii - South Orkney Islands Triangle, Alaska as the Center of a Great Circle of Ancient Sites, Alaska & the Great Pyramid, Corners of a Square, Nova Scotia Energy Axis and 5-pointed Stars, Costa Rica 8-sided Medicine Wheel Unites North & South, Complete Set of Grid Lines over South America. You can draw (or imagine) lines connecting certain stars to form the horns of the Taurus. If you know the exact coordinates of a ley line, you can focus on these to tap right into its energies. Note: these are all places you can either park at or walk-into for free as public spaces and you can meditate in your car or at those locations if you find a private area for seating yourself. One of the biggest criticisms of ley lines is that because of the high density of historic and prehistoric sites in Britain (and probably most other countries), finding straight lines that 'connect' these sites is trivial and purely coincidental. The Becker-Hagens grid is a unique world grid ley lines map. Wherever you live in the world, look up ley line world maps and start hunting! Ley lines are supposed straight lines which connect three or more prehistoric or ancient sites. This is a brief introduction to the theory of ley lines that includes the history of differing theories and areas of current thought. I had relentless butterflies in my stomach. Lovely article. Ley lines in the United States are rumored to connect points of spiritual significance to Native Americans. I live in Soap Lake Wa. Some never before published. Anytime the dowsing rods cross over each other, place a colored marker in the ground. If youre a believer in energetic vibrations, if you believe Mother Earth is a living being, then youll understand why ley lines are important. what does the red apple symbolize in the graveyard book, how many millionaires in morocco,

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