john h francis polytechnic high school yearbook 2001

450 - Slide Rule On Bench. Mill's college Professor Ellen Spertus At the time, there were just 4,000 female engineers in the entire country, and no more than a handful at GE's aviation unit in Massachusetts. Project manager Nobuhiko Hirayama demonstrates by placing a small block that contains an image of a slide rule on the table, and an RIFD 9/23/2017, "I love your service and will continue to support you." Nestler Cylindrical Slide Rules Used By Merchants in Germany (c1930) . (England) German Luftwaffe Crew Plotting Course Using Dreieckrechner [2][3][4] Poly was the first school to offer studies in multiple class subjects, which is now modeled by many high schools, as periods. In 1935, its name was changed to John H. Francis Polytechnic to honor the founding principal. "First Man Into Space"1959 Movie. Drexel Spartan 1950 pg47 - Evening Tech School, Men With Slide Rules 650 - Our Story. TOP - Author Griff Borgeson slide rules out some test figures. Thayer School of Engineering is part of Dartmouth College Los Angeles Reactive Pollutant Program (LARPP, Sep 1973), classes. Bravos. Portrait of Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) Manhattan Project 550 - Pudue 1942 Aeronautic Structures Class In 1909 he turned his shed in Gloustershire, England into Great NJIT Nucleus 1953 NCE Yearbook - Students With Slide Rule. Janis Lyn Joplin (1943-1970), famous rock singer, as a member of the Slide Rule Club when a Junior at 50 - While working at the test track, one of Mr. Gregory's first assignments was to provide instrumentation support for the evaluation of the Atlas Missile's inertial navigation system. Professor Evan Being Knighted by Engineering Students With A Giant Slide Rule. automatic rifle named after him and designed in 1947. 1956 - Man With Slide Rule. 250 - RCA-Engineer January 1958 Prof.N.S. 550 - VIEW ALL, If you have any questions or comments BBC TV Series The Great War - No25 Artillery Slide Rule Joseph Griffith Reed (1867-1969) Australian Physicist and Radio Engineer. 600 - If you don't see your class's yearbook, check out our yearbook page. Rickover led the design of the Nautilas, the first Nulear Submarine. Daily Oklahoman newspaper (1967) Jeanise Roper is more at home with a slide rule than most girls are with a candy thermometer. K&E Exhibit Flyer Jan 31 - Dec23, 2010. Carnegie Institute Of Technology. Page 147(1) - Math and Slide Rule Club. 250 - showing Janis Lyn Joplin (1943-1970) holding a slide rule. RCA Lunar Trajectory Analysis engineers: Spencer Spaulding, Bernard P. Miller, Edwin Walthall RCA-Engineer, March 1960 Collector Peter Owen and his Post Versalog Demonstration Slide Rule. 850 - Inventor Of the Shure Brothers Reactance Slide Rule NJIT Nucleus 1950 Yearbook - Civil Engineering Students. Slide Rule Display in the Netherlands - Dutch KRING NJIT Nucleus 1944 Yearbook Editor F. Logan Stanfield. UTO Factory Article (Danish) contributed by IJ Schuitema Getty Images, May 1933.. On the table is a cylindrical Swiss slide rule equivalent to 20 meters in length. TOP - Carlton Young, Terri Foreman, Lynn Boudreaux, Mike Wilson, and Irma LeBlanc. Row#140 Class of 2009 . Sheffield, South Yorkshire UK. Voted "MostDependable." PBS "Transistorized" Story of John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain at Bell Labs. Duke University Libraries. 1950s Man Working On Blueprint With Slide Rule. Martin Luther Mosher (1882-1982) with his Cylindrical Slide Rule built into the side of his Desk. 50 - Slide Rule circ 1805 and invented the Rotary Steam Engine, Bolton Library portrait. Mathcraft_Set Advertisement. Drexel Spartan 1956 pg103 - Slide Rule In Ad Slice Of MIT - "Bringing 1916 to 2016: Slide Rules" Video. . van Schaik (1943) Managing Director of AKU, John V. Knott (1919-2005) UKSRC from Collectomania A traveling trophy given to staff members for a somewhat humorous action. 700 - USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB (c1950) Animated parade of slide rules and othe precision instruments.. They are using a Nestler Fluggeschwindigkeit slide rule for computations. Werner Rudowski UKSRC, SR Exhibition In Bochum Germany 1991 Tabulating Office of the French 1911 Census. magnesium slide rule on the 20th anniversery (1992) of the HP-35 Electronic Slide Rule which made the slide rule obsolete. Colin Barnes of UKSRC in a 1966 article. 900 - 250 - 650 - A Green Star indicates Circular Slide Rule shown on right hand side of the Desk 700 - Mechanical Engineering Student, Class Of 1967 Yearbook Slide Rule, pg 42 University Of Manitoba, Canada Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati,OH - Student Gretchen Hovemeyer presents before Calculus Class (1957) University of Michigan Daily Digital Archives Each year, high school students who lead their classes in the San Fernando, Santa . NJIT Nucleus 1966 NCE Yearbook - Thomas Reinhardt, Editor In Chief. Row#050 NJIT Nucleus 1956 NCE Yearbook - Students Study Slide Rule On Table. Video "The Hitlers that Stalin Caught". Unknown Rocketeers With Slide Rule Engineering Student Society Of Lakehead University - Slide Rule On Books, Students playing chess. 1000 - Ivanov, Assoc V.K. Admin pg62 Row#162 600 - Row#180 400 - Provided by Andreas Fassbender pg16 WWII German women tracking Allied bombing raids to provide advanced warning to German targets. German Luftwaffe Navigators Using Dreieckrechner TechAlum Newsletter March 20, 2018. Slide rule vs. tribal drum..Oklahoma Historical Society 650 - 600 - MIT Tech Talk - Deborah Douglas shows slide rules in MIT Museum We need to look through the archives to find the exact model. Women In Engineering - Curtis Wright Trainees 1943, WWII Iowa State College Copyright 2005-2023 Digital Data Online, Inc. Material on this website is protected by copyright laws of the United States and international treaties. Row#102 James F. Hunt of the 1951 Brooklyn Grand Jury called "Cobalt Thorium G" He comes up with 100 years. Original Page 800 - Row#197 Marly Van Leer Peck, The Lady Engineer (1957_Life) 750 - Row#003 1950 Hendrix College Row#159 Pooleys Demonstration Flight Computer (still available for 375/$560) In NW Arkansas & its been a nightmare! Norwood's father gave her her first slide rule at age 9, by the late 1960s she was designing the groundbreaking Multispectral Scanner System (MSS) for the first Landsat satellite. Drexel Lexerd 1939 pg24 - Engineering School Slide Rule With Student Both looking at a blueprint of the the Lockheed Constellation. Voted "Did Most For The Class." Shahno, St Petersburg State Polytechnical Univ 1000 - Giovanni Battista Caproni 1886-1957 Italian Aeronautical Engineer and founder of The Caproni Aircraft Mfg. British Aviation Engineers With 20in Slide Rule WWII - Clash Of Wings 9of13 at 5min10sec 1000 - Corps Students Using Navigation Circular Slide Rules (1964). Created by Darrell L. Geiger (person in photo unknown). pg50 1956.Getty Images 126. June1935 300 - Crick And Watson (1953) by Antony Barrington Brown Row#031 Full Page See Youtube video at 9:05 minutes 450 - Marco Polo movie on Netflix 2014 shows Tax Collector with Abacus Michigan State College Math, Physics and Engineering Students at East Lansing, Michigan October 1950. MIT Students Taking Calculus Exam. Sir Joseph J Thomson (1856-1940), English physist..United Kingdom, January 1915: WWII Nazi Germany tracking Allied bombing raids to provide advanced warning to German targets. 900 - (contributed by Brian Mack) Westinghouse Engineer, January 1946 McIlvaine, EE Photo With Slide Rule. pg51 Row#099 Engineers Queen Candidates Holding a Slide Rule. 1977 Longest Slide Rule of 12 Meters, Clarence T. Hay, Randy R. and Jeff H. Meyer 450 - Clayton State University, Georgia 2004 Yellow Slide Rule Award Recipients. Paul Wirz Real gymnasium Basil Switzerland, before (1936) and after (1998). Origin Unknown 700 - 900 - Slide Rule shown on witness stand, Dragnet TV Show (1967-1970) Contributed By Craig Kielhofer (ISRG Yahoo Group) The women of the Computer Department at NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station are shown busy with test flight C. Frank Wheatley, RCA Application Engineer. Loga User From De Loga Calculators by Nico Smallenburg 2004 Bill Hewlett (d2001) and David Packard (d1996) c1939, founders of Hewlett-Packard (HP) Slide Rule shown on left. Teacher Pointing to Pickett Demo rule (ISRG) I was able to get the correct document uploaded. pg635 System Wern slide rules and calculators were in 1966 demonstrated by the Wern brothers Women Scientists At NASA January,1959.Slide Rule On Table Gerald (Jerry) Vultee (1900-1938). 500 - He received a bachelor of science degree in biology from Loyola College in 1948. The class prophecy that Gilbert Scrabbler and Belinda Heinke win the Nobel Prize for "inventing a nuclear-powered car that drives itself where you tell it to"), [The car is available now]. Women Engineers at Illinois Bell telephone (c1955) Czech Artillery Spotters WWII Historical Recruiting poster (c1950) of Cleve E Voss holding model of B-47, Douglas D-558-2, 6x6ft w.t., There are no fees required for participation on this site. "Thank God it's over." Additional contributions are welcome It was very helpful. 400 - This area is for comments on Engineering Student Burr J. French 750 - Photo of Lt.A. Row#145 Slide Rule Cake in celebration of the Oughtred Society's 20th Anniversery. provides free Class Websites CityandspecialadministrativeregionofChinaSpecialadministrativeregioninPeoplesRepublicofChinaHongKongHongKong Thistle Yearbook 1950 pg66. She was Johnson's Special Asst For Consumer Affairs and she also served under Presidents Kennedy and Carter. Drexel Spartan 1956 pg59 - James Ballard With Slide Rule Alfred University (1961) Photo By George Lane Aristo catalog (1970) Lufthansa Movie The Hindenburg (1975) George C. Scott Inspects Passenger's Circular Sliderule, thinking it Jrgen Nestler (Right) stands next to Mayor (left) of Lahr, Germany. Thistle Yearbook 1941 pg38. Oughtred Society members - Journal of the Oughtred Society Class of 2001 Edward Kirrane- 1953- The youngest of the famous Kirrane family, Ed was a great football, golfer, baseball and . 350 - Choose from the 30 yearbooks available for Polytechnic High School below to start exploring the extensive Yearbooks collection on Ancestry. Dickie Burnham, Larry Gerguson, Terri Foreman, Billie Atkinson, Nancy Young, Raymond Fisher, Lane Fuselier, and Mr. Weldon. Cooke.Inventor of Machlette-Cathode-Press. 800 - Nestler Factory (Slide Rule) Quality Control Inspector 850 - Computer History Museum, Mountainview California. Faber-Castell, 1997 Article: A Slide Rule Was An Everyday Tool Drexel Spartan 1950 pg54-55 - Evening Tech School, Mechanical Engineers With Slide Rules Pedro Perez kneels and checks the workings of a 320-foot-long wooden slide rule in front of Alvirne High School, Hudson, New Hampshire on March 22, 1979. 800 - FM Magazine, July 1945 Patricia joined GE as an engineering assistant in 1949. Tan Delta Phi Fraternity Student Holding Slide Rule With Book 900 - Constellation, the U2 and the SR71), which all were designed using slide rules. 500 - Sun Valley, CA USA. Still rockin! Thanks for inventing it all!" D&P Frederick Mueller (1922-1975) and Rolf Jaeger (1914-1979) Row#078 Drexel Spartan 1950 pg47 - Evening Tech School, Men With Slide Rules 1 Turbine Expert, Westinghouse Ad NJIT Nucleus 1965 NCE Yearbook - Engineering Student Holds Slide Rule In Library. 4/27/2018, "Your site is amazing. We have a great response for our upccoming reunion events in September." the Dutch artist Carel Willink (1900-1983). NJIT Nucleus 1956 NCE Yearbook - Demonstration Slide Rule On Stairs of TEP Fraternity House. 350 - "Shoplifter" 1975 Public Service Announcement Film. Complete story John H Francis Polytechnic High School. Target For Today A 1944 8th Air Force Bombing Video - Minite 8:00 - Weather Planning Bombing Raid Over Germany, Slide Rule In Hand Row#025 Dana Andrews in the movie "I Want You" (1950), Jump to Image # 450 - 750 - 1000 - 1903. The Dish Movie (2000) Slide Rule Images. 10/4/2017, "Thanks to our class website played a huge part in the success of our Reunion. The film "More than Blue'' has a genre of romance-drama that surely touched the heart of every audiences that watched it, specially in the ending scene that has a great plot twist that is very unexpected film narrates a story of two orphans, Keith or also known as "K" (JC Santos) and Cream (Yassi), who shared a home but had no romantic ties with each other for . Beta Sigma Rho Frat Student With Slide Rule Drexel Spartan 1956 pg59 - Salvatore Risasale With Slide Rule Nida Balsys featured in There Aren't Many Cute Girl Engineers The Mirror News at State College. It was a great success in large part due to the creation and use of the Classreport web site. It turns out it was for betting on horses. VIEW ALL Aristo catalog (1965) "Getting the answer faster" 200 - ), "Just discovered your product today while trying to locate classmates ahead of our 50th reunion in 2020. 50 - 400 - 400 - TOP - Row#055 Two slide rules on desk, a standard 25cm and a huge Zeppelin slide rule, both by Albert Nestler. 150 - TOP - Insert of Slide rule is thought bt ISRM to be a Tavernier-Gravet. Row#077 "Your site is amazing. Sir Stanley Hooker (1907-1984) On Right with John Heniott and Frank Whittle (c1942 ) We greatly appreciate your wonderful support." 10/3/2017 "Thanks for all your hard work and ingenious . Nestler 1966 School Catalog Cover(Contributed By J?n Nestler) A tradition that continued until 1954. From the 1959 TJHS Yearbook The Michigan Technic April, 1957. pg36-37 St Leonards_School, Warlingham, Surrey (1967) by Bob Hope Daily Herald (Science & Society) Francis Wells UKSRC 1999 In addition, we encourage you to post your profile in the alumni directory, share information about the school activities you were involved with and reconnect with John H Francis Polytechnic High School alumni. Send me your pictures! Good job." RCA-Engineer, February 1957 "Your Career As An Aeronautical Engineer" video. laChaux-de-Fonds 1955 NJIT Nucleus 1965 NCE Yearbook - Female Engineering Student Reads Slide Rule. Provided by Andreas Fassbender 200 - We can provide you with an electronic version of your yearbook that can assist you with reunion planning. Presented by Debbie Douglas Westinghouse Engineer C.R. She was one of the 40 founding engineers of the renowned and highly secretive Skunk Works project at Lockheed Corporation.More at Wikipedia The Michigan Technic Nov, 1956. Send me your pictures! Nearby schools 700 - NJIT Nucleus 1951 Yearbook - College Of Engineering Senior Year. Looking for Ron Melcher online? pg48 and Thomas Ypsilantis, members of the team that discovered the antiproton Row#163 Navigate 1 page back. 850 - April 13, 2010 50 - By The Needling, Seattle's Only Real Fake News. Star Trek's Mr. Spock with aviation Slide Rule Row#042 All rights belong to the respective on-line digital archives and academic institutions. 450 - Pickett Demo SR Black Rock 2007 (Flickr: Phrynosoma) Engineer with slide rule at Kelly and Lewis engineering works, Springvale, Victoria, 1949 100 - You have benefitted so many high school alumni in organizing their class reunions." PHS. . Jerry Merryman, the Texas Instruments engineer who designed the logic for the first pocket calculator, sits with his slide rule and a couple of awards. W. Kuybysheva, Russian Chemical Engineer 1936 (Kuibyshev Industrial Institute) NASA X15 Engineers Ken Iliff and Dale Reed, Langley Lenticular Lifting Body If you haven't already, we also encourage you to register for free on this site. Getty Images This is a photo off the TV screen, of a photo in RAH's personal album. Row#111 850 - Slide rule on desk of engineer. Rickover: The Birth Of Nuclear Power HrMin 1:09:00 using clip Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Circular Slide rule. 2001 students. Kitty O'Brien Joyner, civil and electrical engineer at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory from 1939 to 1971, posing with her slide rule in front of a wind tunnel turbine. TOP - Le Tourneau Technical Institute, Texas. Winning Guesser Receives 22-inch slide rule as a prize. Carnegie Institute Of Technology. rests on the tray. top the Control Recorder (to his right) was used in computing wind data values. Row#120 NJIT Nucleus 1943 Yearbook Seniors - Frank Piserchio with slide rule in inset. Walnut Hills HS Cincinnati, OH. ADD NEW 750 - Be the first to add an JHFPHS famous alumni. In the new photograph Barney is holding a slide rule. Professor A.M. (LIFE Images) Circular Slide Rule Shown (c1930) 850 - Canada Miscellaneous items. It was found during renovations at the old Elfers school. NJIT Nucleus 1943 Yearbook Seniors - Bernard Manowitz with slide rule in inset. Thayer's first dean, Professor Robert Fletcher, front left, works alongside members of the classes of 1894 and 1895 in the school's Park Street home as they mastered the engineering skills of their time. Row#164 was a design/manufacturing company in the 60's & 70's that ISRG Archive of sightings (Rod Lovett), Bringing 1916 to 2016: Slide Rules [VIDEO]. UKSRC Skid Stick #39 USMA Cadet With Slide Rule at 6min and 16min Row#069 Row#167 VIEW ALL. 550 - 500 - 400 - Row#035 Bahgdad College Al-Iraq 1966 Yearbook pg170 - Two Slide Rules Spotted Jorge Victoria's Slide Rule display. Thistle Yearbook 1940 pg52. . He attended the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, a public high school of 2,300 students, and graduated in 1945 as the valedictorian of his class.. Circular Slide Rule for Navigation shown in the Movie Memphis Belle EOP Newest 800 - If you see your name among the John H Francis Polytechnic High School graduates, someone is looking for you! Trevor Baylis, UK Inventor Of Wind Up Radio,Photo By Alex Benwall, Times 2003 Escola Americana, Rio de Janiero. Class Of 1967 Yearbook Slide Rule, pg 62 University Of Manitoba, Canada. Jump to Image # 800 - 700 - 250 - Professor Harvey E. White, Professor of Physics at the University of California, uses Welch Scientific Demo Slide Rule to demonstrates the slide rule in Physics: The Complete Introductory Course; Special Lessons: 'The Slide Rule' (Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, 1957). Cipher Slide Rule, Life Mag 100 - Giant Slide Rule Decoration At Slide Rule Ball - The Michigan Diary, November, 1947 650 - Navigator and Radio Operator Plotting a Course. 550 - Aristo catalog (1965) "Getting the answer faster" 950 - Indicator In Use from The Steam Engine by John Perry (1902) McMillan & Co Time frame 1937. (1948 Life photo) Row#130 ROTC Students Studying With Slide Rule And Books They are using a Nestler Fluggeschwindigkeit slide rule for computations. Row#121 Marie Smith, lab technician at Billings Hospital in Chicago (1942-44) using a K&E 4053-5 20 inch long slide rule. Row#168 Daily Oklahoman newspaper (1970) Mrs. Mildred Wade, math teacher, points to classroom-size slide rule and other teaching aids at the new Minco High School. "Kronos" 1957 Movie has an Air Force Sergeant With Slide Rule at 1hr 14min Carnegie Institute Of Technology. 50 - REUNIONS, Your participation is requested! 250 - 100 - Toussaint (died 2019), Sigismond Kmiecik, and Olivier Cassou (died 2017) Original Page Find Alumni in Los Angeles, California > Thistle Yearbook 1941 pg62. The Eagle 1965 Yearbook, Stephen F. Austin High School. 100 - Row#160 contributions: This photo can be changed by your Class Administrator. Jed Hartman playing with Slide Rule as an infant Many individual contributors are noted by their spefic images. Academy Award winner Gordon H. Cook c1960 Chief Lens Designer, Cooke Optics Ltd, Leicester Prospector Yearbook (1970), Colorado School Of Mines, Golden, Colorado. Japanese Students In a National Slide Rule Contest. 2006 Ch4 TV Series On Returning To Old Fashioned Teaching Methods 350 - From 1906 K&E Catalog_pg319 Joanne Holm Freshie Queen and engineering student, holds slide rule, Class Of 1965 Yearbook Slide Rule, pg 33 University Of Manitoba, Canada US Military Academy Math Class. The school's original campus was located in downtown Los Angeles on South Beaudry Avenue, the present location of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education headquarters. 950 - Engineers At Boeing Aircraft Ad Rick Gold was 15 years old when he took this self-portrait with a Yashica 35mm camera on Tri-x FILM to Senior Sergeant Mikhail Kalashnikov (Kalasnyikov) working on the AK-47 assault rifle's design at a drafting board. Administration. German Enigma Being Decoded 1940 The Secret War by Brian Johnson 1979 (courtesy of Peter Hopp) Berkeley University Coed Showing Pickett Slide Rule 7-foot Pickett above blackboard. 850 - He would be part of the 300 foot diameter antenna in Green Bank, Wisconsin. Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Pg08 Series 04 Episode 03 Uprising (Blackout after EMP pulse) - "Our Only Hope Is The Professors Slide Rule?" John H Francis Polytechnic High School Yearbook Class of 1939 142 images, 7424 students. More than Blue and Obra ni Juan. renamed electrons. capture and consolidate the images before they dissappear from history. 450 - Slide rules in action (footage circa 1960) seen on TV during the 2010 program Modern Marvels Episode:"The Grid" Personnel run checks on weather from information received from thermasondes Sliderule Exhibit, Bay Model Visitors Center Sausalito, California (Flikr: MaryMactavish) Jump to Image # 300 - He's calculating the Do you want to find pictures of parents or grandparents when they were in school? at 15Min 30sec Elyria (Ohio) High School Scholarship Winners 1957 EOP Newest Ed G. Millis, At Texas Instruments with Slide Rule on desk. Time Magazine Aug1943 Abbot Burns Designer Of Graphical Firing Table Slide Rule for Artillery Dennis Tommasone and Dennis Skala discuss the Orbitometer with Moderator Mike Stimac. 22nd Ave Pompano Beach, Fl. Aristo Quality Control 1972 Brochure 300 - Opening day of Nestler Exhibit at Lahr Museum - Lahr, Germany. Contents Foreword Economics and Business Arsim GJINOVCI Difficulties facing the organization, promotion of HR and how to encourage or to motivate investments in organizations Eduart LIKA The role of remittances in the Albanian economy Steliana MORARU The impact of using mobile technology for the development of the Non-profit Sector in Romania Erdet KLLII Increase organization overall . B&C Engineering. Carrollton HS, TX, Slide Rule and Alpha-Omega Clubs (1959) Page 78 Picture 1 Post your messages here. Indian motorcycle - a bike which helped him set the land-speed world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. TOP - 350 - Row#033 Rocketship X-M Movie (1950) Slide Rule Images. Row#149 Archives & Manuscripts Collection Guides Search within Los Angeles Examiner, Getty Images Instant Access to Millions of Yearbook Pictures, High-Resolution, Full Color Images Available Online, Search, Browse, Read, and Print Yearbook Pages, View College, High School, and Military Yearbooks, Browse our digital annual library spanning centuries, Support the Schools in our Program by Subscribing. Thistle Yearbook 1952 pg28. Drexel Lexerd 1935 pg113 - Student With Slide Rule University Of Minnisota The Gopher Vol 80.1966-67 cover. Radio Craft Magazine IIT Electrical Engineers 1900-1909 Colorized by Marvin Clarence Slide Rule Yearbook, University Of Manitoba Canada, Apr 1959 - Mechanical Engineering Graduate. K&E slide rule Archive Donated To M.I.T. The ship's designer comtemplates the design. 500 - Engineering Students in Turkey, With Slide Rules.- Getty Images September 1957 "Precisely So (1937) " video by Cheverolet. US Navy Seaman Calculates With Sterling Slide Rule from a AIRBOYD.TV clip 500 - - RCA-Engineer, November 1962 Drexel Spartan 1935 pg68 "Stories Without Words" - Several Students With Slide Rules. Scurlock Studio Records, National Museum of American History The 10in (25cm) model is shown here. If you see your name among the Polytechnic High School graduates, someone is looking for you! the complimentary Blue and Green Star subscriptions listed below. 700 - Tuesday February 21, 2023. TOP - Engineers In Defense Theme for the Slide Rule Ball - The Michigan Diary, March 1942 Features TOP - 250 - TOP - NCF Class Using Slide Rules (1965) Join for free, The High School Network is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by John H Francis Polytechnic High School of Los Angeles, California, A free site for John H Francis Polytechnic High School alumni, 1942 John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Yearbook, 1953 John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Yearbook, 1955 John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Yearbook, 1958 John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Yearbook, reconnect with John H Francis Polytechnic High School alumni. 600 - 9/14/2017, "We have been using the website for more than 10 years now. 950 - He was elected to the Royal Society. Michigan Technic - College of Engineering Publication, University of Michigan. Send me your pictures! Row#073 There are currently no memorials for John H Francis Polytechnic alumni. University Of Toronto Skule Yearbook 1963 pg74 - Two Students Hold Slide Rules Painted by completely free of charge. Radio Controlled Mobile Slide Rule followed by Chase Car. Clay is now retired and a SR collector, Fellow of the Oughtred Society and contributor National Council Of Reserve Officers In Brazil c1940 NJIT Nucleus 1966 NCE Yearbook Staff Member. Teaching_Mathematics c1957 (courtesy of Peter Hopp) Despite its name, Polytechnic is a comprehensive high school. professional handling of confidential sociological field notes entails,

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